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    Special Report: South Korea orders and shipyard status in 2011[Publish: Feb, 2012] Meanwhile, in 2011, the domestic shipbuilding industry was awarded to 48.2 percent of the world's marine order volumes (approximately 14.89 million CGT): Of them FPSO (1 ship, 0.68 hundred million U.S. dollars), LNG-FPSO (1 ship, 24.1 hundred million U.S. dollars), LNG-FSRU (4 ships, 10.6 billion dollars) were awarded a total volume, drillship 77% (26 ships, 142.2 ten hundred million U.S. dollars ), LNG-ray 84% (38 ships, 77.2 hundred million U.S. dollars), 8,000 TEU container ships 74% (80 ships,107.6 ten hundred million U.S. dollars) and it has proven to be the world best in the field of high-value vessels and marine plants.
    Special Report: 2012 New Year of domestic shipbuilding and marine and maritime industry[Publish: Jan, 2012] In the period of the second half of 2010 and the first half of 2011, orders for large container vessels have been mainly done. However, due to financial crisis in Europe, with the sluggish performance of the ship company and financial downturn first half of 2012 is expected to decrease by a container ship orders, bulk and tankers are estimated to be last recession similar to in 2011 and eventually in 2012, all of ships such as container, tanker and bulk would seem to be recession.
    Special Report: Status and prospects of domestic WIG commercialization [Publish: Nov, 2011] WIG (Wing In Ground Effect Ship: water craft), means high-speed sailing vessel where it uses the effect to increase lift when the horizontal cross-section of the wing try to access with the surface of the sea. Effect of the sea, rather than a new aircraft developed from the time of the first to have been aware of these sponges, some experimental attempts to apply the effect just before World War II, but some of the first WIG was developed from the 1960s to the Russians and the Germans.
    Special Report: The status and outlook for Korea major port facilities and traffic in 2011[Publish: Nov, 2011] Seeing the human history such as Medieval Venice ruled the Mediterranean, Modern Spanish and Portuguese, the Dutch dominated the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the UK five ocean domination, the United States 'Pax Americana' realization, the forces that dominated the world's maritime traffic winner can be seen the one who has taken over the sea. This November edition of shows trends in the domestic and international traffic in major ports of the traffic on the future.
    Special Report: Hoping to be well for domestic shipbuilding, marine plant equipment industry. [Publish: Sep, 2011] Korea's shipbuilding industry has a leading role in the world, accordingly, with the co-operation with associated industries such as the equipment industry, the steel and maritime industry it can be achieved a long-term competitive strength. In other words, cooperation with shipbuilding industry and the equipment industry should keep in mind that without the high-quality equipment, competitive vessels can not be achieved.
    Special Report: Neural networks of shipbuilding and marine plant, 'Industrial Automation Systems Facility'[Publish: Aug, 2011] In terms of the market size and design status of Industrial automation systems, it could be divided into shipbuilding and offshore plant respectively depending on each works for the facilities and the importance, and the scale. First, the shipbuilding industry can be classified according to the type of target to transport, especially in dry bodies, liquid water and man related one. Within this classification automation system is divided into a monitoring and navigation automation parts
    Special Report: The status and vision of the domestic maritime plant design engineering industry[Publish: Jul, 2011] Maritime plant design engineering industry which is very important, but still looking a long way is to go farther. Flowers of marine plant industry, design engineering technology can add value through further increase self-sufficiency of the world's No. 1 shipbuilding powerhouse working to make consistent phases and infrastructure, technological innovation and human resources. We should try to seize the world's highest level to do their best to become a firmly closed door of a marine plant design engineering
    Special Report: The heart of the ship to sail the ocean 'engines and generators industry'! [Publish: May, 2011] As the central institution of the heart circulatory system, the normal adult heart, just a little bigger than fist (13 * 9 * 6cm), and weighs approximately 300g degree conical shape of the pocket is located under the lungs. Aggregated all the blood in here, blood getting back from a vein is sent to arterial blood likely as the pump. if adult fist-sized heart stops, you do not turn your whole body with blood, and each requires a supply of oxygen to the organs in our bodies, if not, getting into the body decay.
    Special Report: While suffering from fever due to global warming of the earth, choose 'eco-friendly green shipping industry'[Publish: Mar, 2011] Competitive advantage in the global shipbuilding market is continuing to maintain and to strengthen eco-green vessels as a new concept in marine plant value-added differentiation. With strengthened global environmental regulations technological superiority grafted as a representative of differentiating were appeared in a green vessel, and various marine plant such as FPSO, drill ships, LNG-FPSO and other high value-added vessels
    Special Report: Korean shipbuilding industry overcome the recession, their challenge to reclaim world No. 1 in 2011[Publish: Feb, 2011] The size of world deliveries in 2011 is expected to register a decrease of approximately 9.5% compared with 2010(50.19millionCGT) by showing 45.40millionCGT due to the decrease in order quantity and delay in deliveries and also the size of Korean ships and marine equipment exports in 2011 is expected to register a decrease of approximately 5.6% compared with 2010($ 49.8 billion) by showing $ 47.0 billion.
    Special Report: Total 2010 in South Korea Ship Orders: Korean Shipbuilding Industry in 2011, waiting for warm spring day ...[Publish: Feb, 2011]
    MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea) forecasted the shipbuilding industry in 2011 is highly likely to regain No. 1 status for new orders which China has had for 2 consecutive years. It’s because optimistic outlook of container ships and marine plants in the demands in 2011, which our country has seen the strength of and positive elements such as marine fuel regulatory or so.
    Special Report: Knocking at the door “2011 Korean shipbuilding, marine and shipping industry” [Publish: Jan, 2011]
    On 2011, the first month's monthly "Marine and Shipbuilding” reviewed the figures in 2010 once again and got considered for any position to be taken on 2011. For 2009-2010, the restoration of shipbuilding industry, the biggest concern of the domestic shipbuilding, marine and shipping industry made the 'recovery' as visible and controversial projects have been substantially completed. in 2011, fierce debate for the shipbuilders' drop in performance that holds back further rise is.
    Special Review: A U.S. Shipbuilding Regulation Refutation of Current and Emerging International Competition[Publish: Jan, 2011]
    This paper investigates who benefits from this isolationist approach and who loses, and how it has opened the world market for domination by Asian firms, such as Hyundai Heavy Industry, the current largest shipbuilder from South Korea. To show the state of competition in the market, a review of other major players and the entry of new players into the shipbuilding market, such as the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, are examined.
    Special Report: The present and future of ship management aiming at world's top in 2020[Publish: Dec, 2010]
    Ship management means taking care of all the process for technical, commercial and legal management of ships like from their birth to death and it shows not only the cost-benefits but also inherent competitiveness through innovation. It is possible that the ship owners can devote their full attention to ship investment and shipping operator can concentrate on their maritime transportation business when a professional ship management system is provided as third-party ship management.
    Special Report: The Current Status of Korean Fuel Cell Ship in Global Competition[Publish: Nov, 2010]
    The intense competition for fuel cell ships among countries all over the world starts now. European countries and other developed countries have accelerated development of ships equipped with fuel cells under government support instead of existing diesel engines as marine pollution regulations are being reinforced by MARPOL, the regulation that nitrogen oxides emissions from ships should be reduced 80% by 2016.
    Special Report: Prospect of deep­sea offshore plant industry that is a new growth engine for maritime.[Publish: Oct, 2010]
    Key to success in the deep­ sea offshore plant Industry Promising Keen Competition. The definition of deep sea in marine industry has been changed depending on the age and development of technology. As mentioned earlier, in encyclopedia it means the general depth of more than 200m, but generally deep­sea development refers to the sea more than 500 m. According to recent report, it says that the deep­sea platform has been installed around 3,000 m depth.
    Ship Focus: Ballast Water Treatment System industry’; can be still a blue ocean?[Publish: Sep, 2010]
    ballast water necessary for the operation of ships causes side effects disturbing eco-system of the sea by being transferred organism or pathogens in a specific area into any other waters of the sea environment by a ship containing ballast water. According to IMO report, Ballast water has been moving billions of tons each year worldwide and each time, more than 7000 kinds of aquatic organisms contained in ballast water are being moved to.
    Special Report: Current situation of Korean cable industry and their impact on shipbuilding & marine industries[Publish: Jun, 2010]
    It says that nothing exist without a reason in the world. All industries have different importance depending on their role, but in actual industrial, rope has a very important role. Even though being a minimal product of around 1% in contrast to the price of ships, it can play an endless role in the ocean. Substantially the concept of rope is recognized as the supplies in the maritime industry but when considering the roles, it can be quickly convinced with an important item.
    Ship Report: Current situation of Korean cable industry and their impact on shipbuilding & marine industries[Publish: May, 2010]
    Let’s review the cable industry's vein that could be ship's 'nerves and blood vessels' In a state of all over the dangers of the sea, the importance of the cable would be very big that is in charge of 'nerves and blood vessels' of the ship. In ‘The Marine and Shipbuilding', the edition of May, it has identified the current situation and the future of the cable industry that exists in order to bridge for good functioning of marine and offshore plants.
    Special Report: Status, In Korean shipbuilding equipment industry, 'Spring and Autumn Period' is really sustainable for a long time? [Publish: Mar, 2010] One of the main features of marine equipment is small quantity batch production of products, and even though having a difference depending on the size and series, it’s composed of over 970 species, and the proportion of the ship prices is estimated to be from 55 to 70 percent range including steel and approximately 65% in case of tankers, bulk carriers, and container ships that are Korean dry shipping line's flagship species.
    Special Report: The Current Status and Future Prospect of Marine Paint Industry in Offshore & shipbuilding sector?[Feb, 2010]
    Marine paint can be classified roughly into three types: anti-fouling paint to protect the hull of a ship, ballast tanks and cargo tanks or cargo holds. Vessels, the independent moving objects, are different from overland structures. They are necessary not only to be tough to withstand in corrosive environments but to ensure the safety, and to be easy to get repairs and maintenances even if a part of the hull is broken.
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