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    Navico to get new owners to support further growth [Jul 2016] Navico - a leading provider of marine electronics and parent company to the Lowrance®, Simrad®, B&G® and GoFree® brands - announced today that Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and Altor Fund IV have partnered and signed an agreement to acquire Navico from the Altor 2003 Fund. Navico recently launched the GoFree brand to drive development
    Sydney fast ferries order Simrad system following on from Manly Ferries order success [Jun 2016] Four new fast ferries, owned and managed by Manly Ferries and operating in the busy waters of Sydney Harbour, will rely on state-of-the art Simrad technology for safe navigation seven days a week. The owner has specified a range of Simrad bridge equipment for its latest vessels,
    Brisbane pilots: “thumbs-up” for state-of-the-art Simrad radar upgrade [Jun 2016] Pilots in the Port of Brisbane, one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, are using the word “unmatched” when describing the performance of new navigational equipment from electronic navigation specialist Simrad, a brand within the Navico group. Installed during the recent refit of the pilot boat Amity,
    Navico SIMRAD ECDIS wins Russian Maritime Register type approval [May 2016] Integrated electronic navigation specialist Navico has secured type approval for its SIMRAD® MARIS ECDIS900 Mk 5 and Mk 15 electronic chart data information systems (ECDIS) by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, in a development expected to make a significant impact in the commercial maritime and fishing sectors.
    Simrad® R3016 12U/6X IMO SOLAS CAT 3 Radar SYSTEM for the commercial market [Mar 2016] The new R3016 12U/6X IMO type approved radar solution is ideal for use aboard CAT 3 SOLAS vessels1, workboats, tugs and coastal fishing boats. Its 12-kilowatt X-Band transceiver and 6-foot open array scanner are designed for high reliability and low maintenance.
    Navico obtains South Korean type approval for SIMRAD MARIS ECDIS units [Mar 2016] Navico has made a significant addition to the approvals it has received from the Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute of South Korea, following type approval of the latest generation Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 Mk 5 and Mk 15 Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems.
    ...................................................................................................................[Press releases 2015]
    THE NEW DEDICATED SIMRAD® 9” AND 16” FISHFINDER FOR THE COMMERCIAL FISHING MARKET [Dec 2015] We are pleased to announce the new Simrad® S2009 and S2016 Fishfinder systems featuring Simrad CHIRP technology for precise echo sounding detail. These “stand alone” Fishfinder systems are designed to be used as dedicated displays or in conjunction with a Simrad navigation network.
    THE NEW DEDICATED SIMRAD® 9” AND 16” RADAR DISPLAY FOR THE COMMERCIAL MARKET [Dec 2015] We are pleased to announce today the new Simrad® R2009 and R3016 Radar control units, two dedicated radar displays for use with Simrad’s award winning radar antenna solutions. The Simrad R2009 Radar control features a 9”portrait display. The Simrad R3016 boasts a 16” wide-screen display.
    Revolutionary, new Simrad HALO™ Radar wins DAME Technology Category Design Awards, METS 2015 [Nov 2015] We proud to announce Simrad HALO™ Pulse Compression Radar range, the world’s first high-performance recreational solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology has won the prestigious 2015 DAME Technology Category Award.
    Special interview: Ronny D'silva, SIMRAD Key Account Manager Apac. - Quality and price would widen the Korea market as well as the best service![Publish: Nov, 2015] Simrad takes responsibility for supplying state of the art technology to all types of commercial vessels, drawing on expertise available from 7 R&D centres worldwide..As leaders in multifunction integration, the Simrad offer is based on genuine productivity and efficiency gains by delivering systems that provide a truly integrated solution for its maritime and offshore customers.
    Special interview: SIMRAD는 품질과 가격은 물론 최상의 서비스로 한국시장을 넓힐 것! [Nov 2015] 나비코는 로렌스, B&G 그리고 심라드 3개의 브랜드를 소유하고 있으며 마린일렉트로닉 시장을 리드하는 기업이다. 각각의 브랜드는 시장 별로 나뉘어져 피싱마켓을 담당하는 로렌스와 항해 모듈 담당하는 B&G가 있으며, 그 중 SIMRAD는 전 세계의 7개의 R&D 센터를 보유하고 있는 브랜드로서 조선시장의 커머셜과 레크레이션 파트를 주력으로 전체 브랜드를
    Radar renaissance with HALO enlightenment [Oct 2015] Navico Commercial Marine Division launched Simrad HALO™ Pulse Compression Radar in May to plug a significant performance gap in the tug and workboat markets. HALO is the world’s most affordable solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology for non-SOLAS applications aboard commercial vessels.
    Year zero for Simrad ECDIS(Electronic Chart Data and Information Systems) compliance [Oct 2015] Whatever commitment shipping is ready to make to ECDIS, two radically different Simrad ECDIS solutions are now available to ensure that it will comply with international rules. The right product for the right application is a familiar claim from the marine equipment supplier but, when compliance with
    TRIPLE SIMRAD ECDIS FOR ZERO DOWNTIME [Oct 2015] Full compliance with International Maritime Organization rules on Electronic Chart Data and Information Systems is helped by the Zero Downtime paperless navigation offer from Simrad. The electronics specialist is offering three of its newly launched Simrad ECDIS E5024 packages per ship for the price of two installed.
    Introducing the all new MARIS ECDIS900 MK5 & MK15 [Jun 2015] Launched today the new and improved MARIS ECDIS900 MK5 and MK15 built by navigators for navigators. The powerful Windows based PC system with the option of 19- 24- or 26-inch wide screens. The Mk5 and Mk15 deliver precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimisation tools, integrated chart management and
    See near and far with revolutionary, new Simrad HALO Rada [Apr 2015] the Simrad HALO™ Pulse Compression Radar range - the world’s first high-performance recreational solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology - was revealed to boating consumers worldwide. Combining the advantages of Broadband Radar™ (also introduced by Simrad Yachting as the BR24 in 2009) and traditional pulse radar systems,
    Simrad E5024 ECDIS System [Apr 2015] Simrad today announce its new Simrad E5024 ECDIS system, an IMO type approved navigation device aimed at the commercial shipping markets. The Simrad E5024 ECDIS system is an IMO type-approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels including large passenger ships, tankers, and cargo ships subject to the ECDIS Carriage Mandate.
    ......................................................................................................[Previous press releases 2014]
    NAVICO ACQUIRES MARIS (MARITIME INFORMATION SYSTEMS A/S) [Oct 2014] Navico acquires MARIS and expands its portfolio of commercial marine electronics. Navico Holding AS, parent company to the Simrad brand of navigational marine electronics, has reached an agreement to acquire MARIS (Maritime Information Systems A/S) from The Grieg Group.
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