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    SIMRAD, quality and price would widen the Korea market as well as the best service!

    Ronny D'silva
    NAVICO-SIMRAD Key Account Manager Apac.
    The Simrad brand is wholly owned by Navico, AS. Navico is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company and produces products under leading marine electronics brands: Lowrance, Simrad, GOFREE and B&G.

    Simrad takes responsibility for supplying state of the art technology to all types of commercial vessels, drawing on expertise available from 7 R&D centres worldwide..As leaders in multifunction integration, the Simrad offer is based on genuine productivity and efficiency gains by delivering systems that provide a truly integrated solution for its maritime and offshore customers.

    ■ Description of product features and benefits submitted to KORMARINE 2015
    Simrad products have been developed for vessels ranging from larger coastal commercial and passenger craft, down to patrol and work boats, that include IMO approved, auto steering, charting, navigation, OSID, Anti-Piracy, and safety products. The product range spans radar, ECDIS, sounder, heading sensors, gyros and VHF, with easy networking options including autopilot, instruments and SART/EPIRB safety products.

    Making commercial equipment modular, multifunctional, intuitive, and easy to use while still being compliant and offering maximum reliability will bring significant value to the customer and improve safety for all at sea. Two new products have been launched this year:

    A. Simrad HALO is a pulse compression radar which offers revolutionary range and resolution at a fraction of the cost of existing commercial solid-state radar. Simrad HALO is a solid-state, open-array radar system for non-SOLAS applications on commercial vessels. The unit combines broadband and traditional pulse radar systems to detect targets 20 feet or more away - far closer than pulse radars can detect - as well as offering long-range performance of up to 72 nautical miles. Unlike traditional pulse radar, HALO does not rely on a high-powered magnetron to transmit a signal. Now even the smallest fleets can take advantage of a perfect mix of near and distant range, reliability and resolution without the associated warm-up time, power consumption, costly maintenance and harmful emissions.

    B. Also new is the Simrad E5024 ECDIS system, an IMO type approved navigation device aimed at the commercial shipping markets. The Simrad E5024 ECDIS system is an IMO type-approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels subject to the ECDIS Carriage Mandate. Ideal for vessels required to retrofit ECDIS to meet amended SOLAS requirements. The modular E5024 ECDIS system offers a competitively-priced, simple installation in either single-station or dual-station (PLECDIS) configurations. Additional benefits of the E5024 is the Radar, AIS & ARPA overlay (Simrad Argus Radar compatible).

    ■ Market prospects and marketing strategy in Korea In line with a company present in 100 countries, we are targeting growth in Korea from all regions for our commercial marine business, via our global distribution and support organization.

    ■ 2016 with respect to the prospects of the world's shipbuilding industry - Korea is that the customer wants
    Our mission is to develop marine products that offer both performance and cost benefits. We believe the pace of technological development in the commercial marine and offshore sector will accelerate, and that improved vessel safety and efficiency will be the result. Our strategy is based on our ability to quickly acquire and use customer insight, apply our design-to-value competencies, test, and introduce products into serial production. We aim to break the status quo and deliver higher performance and lower cost than anybody else.

  • Photo Description: From left JAL Media - Debbie Bonner, NAVICO - Ronny D'silva, Korea JAEUN Corporation - Sang Jun Lee, JAEUN Corporation CEO - Chal kyu Lee

  • ☞ Further, here are some main points about Simrad:
    - Navico is the world’s largest marine electronics group offering advanced electronics technology for all kinds of vessels, including with MARIS products as they acquired this company two years ago. Navico owns Simrad which is the brand for the commercial ship sector
    - Simrad is the leading brand in commercial maritime electronics (it is No 1 for Radar technology) with 60 year heritage and superior products for shipowners (including with new fleet efficiency tools)
    - Simrad has 7 international R&D centres, 27 training schools specifically for ECDIS, 5 logistics centres and 24/7 service support globally
    - Simrad is a recognised solutions partner for owners, with a comprehensive portfolio of next generation products and presenting technical leadership. Their latest ‘triple ECDIS’ offer supports this, which is a unique, cost-free proposition for ship owners (no other ECDIS manufacturers offer this) to eliminate any potential downtime for their vessels
    - Simrad has a major presence and first-class technology in the light marine sector (tugs, workboats, offshore support vessels)
    - Simrad has longevity in the market. Many recently established ECDIS companies will close down once the legislation period is over, leaving shipowners with no service support for their electronics. Simrad offers firm guarantees and a commitment to support their customers in the future
    - Simrad offers Annual Performance Tests for their equipment by their own engineers

    ■ Contact: NAVICO-SIMRAD ☎ +65 9784 9620 e-Mail
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