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    Cyber Security from DNV-GL & Seagull Maritime
    Cyber security threats have increased over the past few years in the maritime industry. Together with DNV GL, Seagull now offers an immediate solution to help you train your staff to be cyber secure.

    With the increasing use of systems with embedded software on ships and mobile offshore platforms, cyber security is becoming critical not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations. According to Symantec Security Response, “You don’t need as many technical skills to find one person who might be willing, in a moment of weakness, to open up an attachment that contains malicious content.” 97% of attacks actually consist of trying to trick a user using social engineering techniques.

    Seagull Maritime has therefore implemented DNV GL’s e-learning modules on cyber security into their training system. “We are now offering a sought after e-learning course on this topic, helping crew and shore staff to raise awareness on this very important issue regarding cyber security,” says Roger Ringstad, Managing Director Seagull Maritime.

    “We developed the modules because we quickly realized that the human factor is the greatest cyber-security risk. As crews were dispersed on ships, we needed an ‘anytime, anywhere‘ training solution to raise awareness,” says Volker Bertram, Senior Project Manager at DNV GL. He continues, “We then got some structure into our story, starting with maritime cases of cyber security breaches to demonstrate that it is an issue for our industry. Showing examples of ’what could be you‘ and highlighting the most common techniques to breach cyber security and finally outlining simple countermeasures to avoid breaches and limit the damage in case of breaches”.

    The content of these e-learning modules will help raise awareness about threats and countermeasures, addressing your cyber security management system by encouraging the crew’s good cyber hygiene. The modules explain in simple steps how and where cyber-attacks may target not only your direct IT infrastructure, but also the embedded software in assorted operational technology (OT) systems on board. This easy-to-understand course is intended for a wider audience; the material also leverages key safety management practices and shows how they can be applied to cyber security within the maritime and offshore industries.
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