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    Rivertrace presents new product at the OTC exhibition [Feb 2017] UK-based Rivertrace will be show casing its new Smart PFM 107 Oil-in-Water Monitor, at booth 501 of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) from 1-4 May 2017 in Houston, Texas. Currently undergoing sea trials in the Norwegian North Sea Sector, the monitor measures particulates in the sample stream on a continuous basis
    Rivertrace appoints Motor Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS) as a U.S agent [Oct 2016] Rivertrace are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Motor Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS) as a US based agent and distributor, further improving our ability to offer world class service via our global network of agents. This brings the number of agents and distributors added this year alone, to 6, in locations including the USA,
    Rivertrace showcases products at SMM [Jul 2016] UK-based Rivertrace will be show casing its Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor and its Smart Safe ORB Bilge overboard security system at SMM. By utilising the “smart cell” Detector Array Technology the Smart Cell 15ppm oil content monitor (OCM) analyses all three oil types (HFO, diesel and emulsions) simultaneously without the need for re-calibration.
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