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    Keel laying for the largest sailing boat in the world [Dec 2015] a keel was laid on slipway 2 for Hull 483 at the Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. It is the largest square-rigged ship that is being built in the world and is contracted for the Company Star Clippers Ltd. from Monaco. - This project is a great challenge for all of us, we have to build a new ship based on the designs of 100 years old sailing boat and to comply
    Project 'Saving Venice' in full swing [Nov 2015] After deciding in favour of Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. as the best bidder and the most successful contractor for such a complex project, 50 million euro worth deal for construction of 41 steel gates progresses according to contracted schedule. The first gate for sea Mouth of Malamocco and one gate for sea Mouth of Chioggia are finished and ready for delivery,
    Processing of steel for container vessel's commenced [Nov 2015] Processing of steel for Hull's 476, 477, 478 and 479 started on sheet-cutting machine in Shipbuilding Industry Split on 12 November 2015. It is the Multipurpose Container vessels contracted for the company Brodosplit Navigation Ltd. Ships will be 184.43 meters long, 27.5 meters wide and 15.80 meters high. Their individual deadweight at 10.30 meters
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