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    Hempel unveils new brand on 100 year anniversary
    Leading world-wide marine coatings manufacturer Hempel has rebranded on its 100 year anniversary and renewed its drive to offer complete coating solutions for its customers. As one of the fastest growing companies in the world, Hempel is on a roll with 2015 marking a 100 years in business and the company delivering a record net profit of EUR 71 million in 2014.

    The Helix, as Hempel’s new logo is known, symbolises the dynamic layers and motion of mixing coatings, and indicating the global, connected company Hempel has become. The new identity has been designed to confirm Hempel’s position as an innovative, progressive partner in coating solutions.

    As the business expands, absorbs new acquisitions and extends into new markets, the importance of one brand around the world becomes even more significant. Therefore the move to integrate all Hempel’s visual communications into one consistent style is further evidence of the company's strategy to work and feel as one Hempel, offering customers trusted solutions that deliver the highest level of performance and efficiency.

    Hempel Group President & CEO Pierre-Yves Jullien cites growing demand from customers for more integrated coating solutions as a major trigger behind the work.

    "The last 10 years have represented a transformation period and the nature of our business has changed dramatically,” he says. “The world in which we work has become more connected, and so we have pushed to consistently create value for customers by aligning our solutions and expertise across industries and regions. This is crucial if we are to continue to secure trust and loyalty, and drive greater efficiencies in the way we work.”

    Malte V. Eggers, Head of Communications at Hempel A/S, agrees:
    “Our new brand reflects the confident, contemporary and diverse nature of our business, which is no longer defined solely by our marine heritage. Marine, yacht and container coatings continue to be core areas of our business. But we have grown dramatically within the protective industries while also building an impressive profile and presence in decorative coatings. Today, Hempel offers the world a comprehensive portfolio of trusted coating solutions."

    The company’s sole owner, The Hempel Foundation, will also adopt the new brand identity. This alignment will ensure absolute consistency across all of Hempel’s commercial, social and charitable initiatives.

    Hempel’s history is deeply rooted in the marine industry when pioneer Jørgen Christian Hempel founded the company in 1915 with a vision to protect man-made structures from corrosion and fouling. He created a company truly driven by innovation that fully embraces modern science and technology and which developed the world’s first antifouling coating for ships’ hulls in 1917. Today, Hempel is present in over 80 countries and delivers trusted solutions across the protective, decorative, marine, container and yacht markets.

    The new identity was launched as part of Hempel’s 100-year anniversary celebrations held at the Copenhagen Opera House on 4 July. Hempel will be implementing the new brand identity into specific marketing and communications materials from July 2015 into 2016.
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