Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly Journal
Seoul Ra-11997(ISSN: 2005-3061)


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    To the World, To the Future, To the Ocean!
    Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly is leading the future of Korean Marine and Shipbuilding industry as Top No. 1.
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    provides a wide rage of general information and statistics regarding shipbuilding, marine, port, distribution, marine equipment, off-shore plant, marine construction, marine exploration, shipbuilding and marine automation control technology, fluid technology, control devices, software, hardware and so on in order to develop shipbuilding and marine industry and also strengthen its competitiveness.

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        Media Information of Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly
    DivisionMain content
    Magazine NamesMarine and Shipbuilding Monthly
    Registration NumberSeoul - LA -11997 / ISSN-2005-3061(International Standard Serial Number)
    CompanyMetal Network Korea Company
    PublishersKim, Ga Ram
    AddressE-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea 152-053
    Published Date10 day per month
    Standard magazine210mm×280mm / Pages: 80 to 112 total pages, including ads
    (All 4-color color)
    publication Quantity15,000 copies per Publication of Month
  • Print Media(Post Office sent) - 3,000 Publication
  • PDF Media(EDM sent) - 12,000 Publication
  • Edit information Marine and Shipbuilding monthly is a professional media based on marine and shipbuilding area, providing well-made reports and feature articles about shipbuilding, off-shore plant, vessels, maritime equipment and it offers professional information in technical knowledge, company reviews, industry overview, new product and technology reviews and related News clip as well.
    Subscription costsMon 10,000 won[for 1 Year(12 months) subscription, 100,000 won]
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    Korean language
    English language
      Nationwide distribution ratio guidance of marine and shipbuilding Monthly
    NODistribution Region
    Distribution ratio
    Distribution ratio of Seoul and Incheon.GyeongGi area 33.3%
    Distribution ratio of Busan and Gyeongsangnamdo area 37.4%
    Distribution ratio of Jeollado and Jeajudo area 9.1%
    Distribution ratio of Daegu and Gyeongbuk area 3.6%
    Distribution ratio of Gangwondo and Choongchungdo area 2.5%
    Distribution ratio of Overseas area 1.1%
    Distribution ratio of Domestic and foreign exhibition 13%
        Industry Distribution ratio guidance of marine and shipbuilding Monthly
    NODistribution Area
    Distribution ratio
    Small, medium and large shipbuilding Industry sector19%
    Repairs Shipbuilder Industry sector 8%
    Marine and shipbuilding Equipment Industry sector 37%
    Marine, shipping and harbor Industry sector 21%
    University, Library, Research. Academic society sector 4%
    Governmental and important agency, overseas mission sector 7%
    Etc 4%
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