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Seoul Ra-11997(ISSN: 2005-3061)


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    All materials appearing on this site as a Metal Network Korea has been transformed without prior permission of piracy can not be used.
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    About Company of Metal Network Korea Company
    Metal Network Korea Company is oriented to Vision 21 of metal industry. We founded our company in Dangju-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on July 1, 1992 with all like minded people for the development of metal industry and the expansion of metal-based technologies. Metal Network Korea Monthly began publishing [Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing] Nov 11, 1992 through partnership with [Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing Monthly] published by New Japan Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing Association(corporation aggregate), aiming to development of metal industry.

    [Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing Monthly] has been publishing with the contents based on the reporting, investigation, outlook, current status and technical data about key industries like metal, casting, forging, thermal processing, non-ferrous metals and has contributed to the development of metal-based industry. July 1996, we built our website in order to provide domestic and international information and began Internet business in 1997. In 1998 based on the accumulated experience with providing information through Chollian IP business (go metal), we has grown into a professional publishers specializing in metal industry through Metal Network Korea web services.

    [Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing Monthly] which continued publishing in difficult circumstances of metal Industry merged with [Metal Working Monthly] launched in 1996 and [Fastener and Wire Monthly] launched in 1998. It has been transformed into a professional search engine, Metal Network Korea in order to build online and offline infrastructure in metal industry May 2000 with a comprehensive Internet portal service. We change the title into [Metal Network Korea Monthly] and laid the foundation to become an integrated information media proving technical data in metal industry to internet and print media at the same time.

    Organized together since 1993, Seoul International Casting, Forging and Thermal Processing Exhibition changed its name to Thermo Process and Metal + Metallurgy Korea in July 2000 and began to hold our own. It has contributed to providing metal industry information regarding metallurgy, casting, forging, thermal processing, such as industrial Can contribute to providing information.

    With a professional media based on industries related welding, [Welding Journal Korea Monthly] founded in July 2006, specializing in welder, welding equipment, welding and cutting automation equipment, laser equipment, welding materials. Material, spray(surface treatment), welding accessories, joining(brazing, soldering), shipbuilding and marine, we have biennially held International Welding & Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition Busan at BEXCO in Busan since 2006 and International Welding & Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition Incheon at Songdo Convensia in Incheon since 2009 in order to provide information concerning welding, cutting, laser equipment and technology.

    [Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly] is trying to provide real-time information regarding shipbuilding, marine, ports, logistics, marine equipment, shipbuilding engineering, shipbuilding & offshore plant, marine construction, marine exploration, shipbuilding & marine automation and control technology, fluid technology, control devices, software and hardware through reporting of shipbuilding and marine industry sectors for the development of shipbuilding & marine industry and improvement of the competitiveness.
    All executives and staff members of Metal Network Korea Company will give our effort at given time for living a stable and prosperous life and strive for another tomorrow.

    I would like to thank all our clients and subscribers who have offered continuing support for , and , despite difficult circumstances.
      Company introduction of Metal Network Korea
    Brand Metal Network Korea Company
    President Kim hung Bok
    Publishers Kim hung Bok, Kim Ga Ram
    Address (우)E-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea 152-053
    TEL 02-3281-5037(Representative Phone)
    FAX 02-3281-0280
    Year established Jul. 1, 1992 Establishment
    Metal Network Korea established the 15th anniversary
    Main Business
  • Media Division: Three kinds of magazine, Three kinds of Yearbook
  • Internet Services Division: Welding, Metal and shipping sectors, providing comprehensive information
  • Exhibition Division: Metals and welding. cutting. laser equipment, machine tool sector industries exhibitions organized
  • Trade Division: China OEM hardness tester and measuring equipment, production and supply
  • Media Division
  • Magazines Consolidation of Three kinds, Metal Network Korea
        ① Foundry Forging & Heat treatment Monthly
        ② Production Processing Technologies Monthly
        ③ Fastener & Wire Journals Monthly
  • Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly(ISSN-2005-3061) Publication
  • Welding Journals Korea Monthly(ISSN-2005-3339) Publication
  • Korea Welding Equipment Yearbook Publication
  • Furnaces & Heat Treatment Industry Yearbook Publication
  • Metal industry sector Yearbook Publication
  • Shipbuilding Magazine Metal Korea Magazine Welding Magazine Welding Yearbook
    Exhibition Division
  • International Thermo Process and Metal, Metallurgy Exhibition Korea
  • International Machinery Tools Industry Exhibition Busan
  • International Welding Equipments Industry Exhibition Busan
  • International Welding Equipments Industry Exhibition Incheon
  • Automation Control Korea 2011(AUTOCON 2011)
  • Metal+Metallurgy 2013 iWELDEX 2013 BWELDEX 2014 IMTEB 2013
    Trade Division
  • DHT-100 Hand Held Digital Hardness tester
  • DHT-200 Hand Held Digital Hardness tester
  • IDHT-300 Hand Held Digital Hardness tester
  • DC-2000C Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
  • DC-2020C Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
  • DHT-100 DHT-200 DHT-300 DC-2000B DC-2020B
    metalnetwork-korea Company: Metal Network Korea Company
    Add: E-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea 152-053
    TEL: +82-2-3281-5037         FAX: +82-2-3281-0280
    Copyright ⓒ 1992-2015[Establishment 23 year] Metal Network Korea Company. All rights reserved.